Phelan Miller


In the Spring of 2016, I wrangled myself a job at Ketra, an Austin based startup that develops premium LED lighting and control products for office, hospitality, and residential markets. All products are designed to work with Ketra’s “Natural Lighting” system, delivering dynamic, synchronized light shows that emulate natural sunlight.


I led the development of D4R, a remodel-style downlight that incorporates Ketra's S30 lamp as a light engine. Regress depth, housing color, and beam angle are all configurable, giving the end consumer more flexibility.

Western Meridian

Western Meridian is a personal creative outlet where I consult as a product designer and develop projects in my free time. Some of my past clients include: Artefact, PACT Apparel, Fluke Networks, and B/S/H/.



The WM Skillet is a hybrid between French-style restaurant pans and American-style cast iron skillets; intended to be used in the home or on the campfire. As of now, there are a few prototypes out in the wild, going through extensive testing.


The WM Spatula’s handle is designed to lift the messy end off the table when placed upside down.


Tactile is a design consultancy based out of Seattle, specialized in industrial design, user experience design and mechanical engineering. I joined their team in the spring of 2012 and had the opportunity to work with some fantastic companies, including: Microsoft, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Techtronix, Samsung, ESAB, and Ekos.


EKOS Control Unit 4.0

The Ekosonic Control Unit 4.0 is a medical device designed to clear arterial blockages with ultrasonic frequencies… pretty cool stuff.

XBOX Color/Material/Finish

I had the opportunity to design and support a handful of Xbox special edition programs. Each project involved heavy exploration into trends, CMF design, and CMF production refinement.


Originally intending to study sculpture at Western Washington University, I quickly found a home in the ID department and never looked back. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science. 


bosch siemens home appliances - Internship

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances' US-based design team dedicated to designing appliances for the American market under the Thermador and Bosch brands. I began interning with the design team in 2010, which transitioned into a remote contractor position the following year. 

Kaleidoscope - Internship

Kaleidoscope is a design consultancy based out Chicago with specialties in branding, packaging, and prototyping. I joined the team for the summer of 2009 as a design intern.