Phelan Miller

New Rig

In the summer of 2016, I sold my 84' Volkswagen Vanagon and purchased a 92' Mitsubishi Delica. I spent my weekends for the next six months building the van out as a lightweight overlanding rig.


1992 Mitsubishi Delica L300, GLX Model w/ High Roof, 2.5l Turbo Diesel, Manual Transmission w/ Hi-Low Transfer Case


Couch Sleeps 1 - Bed Sleeps 2, Removable Refrigeration, 10 gal. Potable Water w/ Sink, 1 gal. Propane w/ 2 Burner Stove, Indoor/Outdoor Cooking, AUX Power (Solar & Alternator Charging)


The Delica has a relatively small interior space, so it was important to maximize the space's flexibility without overcomplicating the design. 


Every house needs a good foundation. The deck consists of 1/2 inch ply laminated with coin grip garage flooring. The three panels are secured with L-Track, bolted to the floor.


The frame consists of 10 series 80/20 extruded aluminum, secured to the L-Track and existing seat mounts via fabricated steel brackets.

Steel Bracket Drawings


The double-din console is laser-cut ABS to fit a stereo and any other after-market accessories that need a home. Below the radio is an EGT monitor that keeps tabs on exhaust temperatures.


The bed design required a flat wall, so I replaced the stock panels with 1/4 inch ply, laminated with carpet and a touch of insulation. 


The couch is designed to open like a chest and expand into a double bed with minimal effort. The bed is 5/8 inch ply, three types of hinges, and upholstered with patio cushions.


The closet is designed around a lockable, and easily removable pelican case. Underneath is a cubby for a camp stove and on the side is backpack storage. 



The kitchen consists of a prep surface, removable sink, locking drawer, and a small electric refrigerator. Underneath, there is 10 gallons of potable water, 1 gallon of propane and 1 gallon of gray-water storage.


The power box expands the small sitting area provided by the engine's firewall to create a reclining lounge chair. The AUX battery is roughly 75Ah, and it is charged via alternator when driving and a 100W panel when camping. A small 300W inverter provides AC power when necessary.

Wiring Diagram / Bill of Materials


If you are interested in your own Delica buildout, I packaged some of my linework into an Adobe Illustrator file for your convenience. This file is built to-scale, and includes my cutlines for floor and wall panels... a decent starting point. Dimensions are in inches.

Download Plans