Phelan Miller


I am a product designer currently based out of Austin. Below, you can check out some of the projects I have been up to.

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In the Spring of 2016 I wrangled myself a job at the Austin based lighting startup, Ketra. The heavy emphasis on technical products and the opportunity to work with some extremely talented engineers sounded too good pass up.


Western Meridian

Finally putting a name to the business I started back in 2014, Western Meridian is where I experiment and consult as a product designer. Contract work brought me to a bunch of awesome cities including Seattle, San Francisco, and Munich. Some of my past clients include: Artefact, PACT Apparel, Fluke Networks, and B/S/H/.



The carbon steel skillet project is somewhere in the middle of the validation process. There are a few prototypes out in the wild, and hopefully someday I can work on producing a few more.


Another work in progress, the the wood spatula has a fairly simple, manufacturable form.



In the spring of 2012, I joined the team over at General Assembly, which would later be known as Tactile. I had the opportunity to work on a plethora of projects, so I pulled a few of the ones I can share. Some of the clients I worked with include: Microsoft, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Techtronix, Samsung, ESAB, and Ekos.


EKOS Controll Unit 4.0

The Ekosonic Control Unit 4.0 is a medical device designed to clear arterial blockages with ultrasonic frequencies….pretty cool stuff. 

XBOX Color/Material/Finish

Over the years at Tactile, I had the opportunity to design and support a handful of Xbox special edition programs. Each project involved heavy exploration into trends, CMF processes, and CMF process development in China factories. 



Originally intending to study sculpture, I quickly found a home in the ID department and never looked back. I dropped a few of my less-embarising projects in the gallery for kicks.


Kaleidoscope - Internship

In the Summer of 2009 I found myself moving out to Chicago to work with the team over at Kaleidoscope. A crash-course in design consulting, to say the least. 

bosch siemens home appliances - Internship

My second internship out of college brought me down to Huntington Beach to work with the US branch of Bosch Siemens Home Appliances. It was an introduction to how large corporations develop appliances intended to bridge the gap between US and European taste.